Chamorro Pérez

Principal researcher

Andrea is an Anthropologist (with a degree from Universidad de Chile), as well as a master’s and PhD in Anthropology (from Universidad Católica del Norte-Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile). She has completed postgraduate courses in “Gender and Culture Studies” (Universidad de Chile), “Fundamentals and Practices of Dramatherapy” (Universidad de Chile) and “Anthropology of Art” (LATIR, Mexico).

As adjunct researcher at the Audiovisual Ethnographic Archive at Universidad de Chile, she carried out research on documentary cinema and audiovisual testimonies of torture victims of Chile’s military dictatorship. Currently living in Arica (Chile), she works as a professor in the Anthropology Department at Universidad de Tarapacá, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses, and performing research on embodiments, Andean ecological-cultural performances and practices, as well as the trajectories and reflection processes of Chilean Anthropology.


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