On August 24th and 25th, 2023 the 2nd CMUS Researchers Conference was held in Arica, mainly at the campus of Universidad de Tarapacá.. Project researchers made a review of the CMUS work teams and research topics, showcasing the advances, achievements and future projections for each team, as well as the individual work of each researcher and their personal efforts in regard to Núcleo.

Furthermore, a series of community activities took place such as the lecture “Methodological Explorations Among the Arts and Anthropology” by CMUS alternate director Carla Pinochet Cobos at the Liceo Experimental Artístico Dr. Noé Crevani and its educational community. The lecture “Sound and power. Acoustemology of a Mapuche ritual” by CMUS researcher, Leonardo Díaz Collao, as part of the Anthropological Lectures Series of the Anthropology post-graduate program at the Universidad de Tarapacá.

In addition, the roundtable “50 Years Since the Cultural Power Outage. What did we listen to before, during and after 1973?” was held at Casa Cultural Yanulaque, featuring Amanda Jara from Fundación Víctor Jara; César Albornoz, PhD. in History from Pontificia Universidad Católica; Daniel Party; Dr en Historia de la Música e investigador CMUS; Marisol Palma, Rodrigo Ruiz, Alfonso Diaz y Alberto Díaz, académicos de la Universidad de Tarapacá.


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