Issue 52 of the journal Resonancias features the report “Beyond Mapuche Music: Equivocation, Definitions and Resistance”, written by CMUS head researcher Leonardo Díaz-Collao . This article was the recent winner of the Samuel Claro Valdés Musicology Award, given every year since 1998 by the UC Music Institute in tribute to this renowned musicologist.


In their evaluation, the panel of judges recognized Díaz-Collao’s article for being “a text that renews and promotes the debate on the tension between what is understood by music in ethnomusicological production and in Mapuche communities. In addition, it broadens this debate, considering the language and the sound landscape, in the context of an original conceptual proposal”.

This year sixteen articles were submitted for the contest by authors from several different countries. Their articles were evaluated anonymously and the panel of judges noted the overall high level of quality. We here at CMUS celebrate the work of Leonardo Díaz-Collao and we invite the community to read his article.

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