Muñoz Retamal

Executive coordinator

Anthropology degree from Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Masters in Gender and Culture Studies from Universidad de Chile and now doctoral student in Latin American Studies from the same school. She has worked as academic coordinator and professor for the Anthropology program at Universidad Alberto Hurtado.

In terms of research, she has worked as an assistant on a FONDECYT project tied to Universidad Central de Chile (2017) and as researcher and postgraduate thesis student on the FONDECYT project “Prácticas de ocio y trabajo cognitivo. Un estudio de los sectores creativos, artísticos e intelectuales” (2017-2020), led by Carla Pinochet. Her latest work has addressed the topics of maternity and artistic work; her doctoral study interests are focused on the relation between popular music, exile and gender.

She is currently professor of the course “Ethnography Laboratory II” of the Anthropology Program at U. Alberto Hurtado, researcher for FONDART project “The History of (t)rap and technology in Santiago III (2016-2022): musical creation, artistic careers and politics in the digitalization of youth”, and executive coordinator of Núcleo Milenio Center for Music and Sound Cultures (CMUS).


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