Achondo Parra

Research associate

Luis is a Fondecyt Postdoctoral Fellow at the Pontificia Universidad Católica. Previously he was HILLS Postdoctoral Scholar in the Humanities at Case Western Reserve University. PhD. in Musicology and Ethnomusicology at Brown University. His work focuses on Latin American expressive cultures in contexts of violence and precarity.

His first book examines how sound mediates (anti)social and (trans)local relations in soccer fans of Southern Cone countries. His Fondecyt project examines how Anthropocene has affected Mapuche sound ecologies and ontologies. His projects have been financed by Fulbright, Tinker and ANID, and his work has been published in books like Ethnomusicology Forum, Twentieth Century Music, Soccer and Society, Latin American Music Review, Journal of Musicological Research and Resonancias. He has been awarded the LACSEM Prize and James T. Koetting Prize by the Society for Ethnomusicology.



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