María Ignacia Pérez

Communications Manager

Anthropology degree from Universidad Alberto Hurtado and currently studying a Certificate of Advanced Study in Comprehensive Sexual Education at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. She has worked as a teaching assistant in various courses of the Anthropology program at U. Alberto Hurtado, as a data analyst at the Cultural Policies Observatory, and as coordinator for the program «Girls who impact, adolescent activists» at the Fundación Crea Equidad in collaboration with World Vision Foundation.

In the area of research, during her undergraduate studies she worked on themes such as gender, sex-generic diversities, sex work, childhoods and adolescences. For her ungraduated thesis, she carried out research in the area of cultural studies and LGBTQ+ youth in her paper titled “Wattpad es mi casa, construcción de identidad y espacios seguros en jóvenes LGBTQI+ en el fanfiction en Chile”.

She currently works on the impact team at Fundación Crea Equidad and is assistant professor of the “Ethnography Laboratory I» courses in the Archeology Program at Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Furthermore, she is Head of Communications for Núcleo Milenio Center for Musical and Sound Cultures (CMUS).

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