Bieletto Bueno

Research associate

Researcher and associate professor at the Center for Arts and Humanities Research at Universidad Mayor. Flute player (2005), MA in Musicology from UNAM (2008), and Ph.D. in Musicology from UCLA (2015). She researches the historicization and the socialization of sound/listening processes. She publishes texts on topics such as the embodiment of listening to music, the relationship between sound/listening and cultural memory, and musical practices in public space.

She has taught class in various institutions in the USA, Mexico and Chile. She received the 2018 Samuel Claro Valdés Latin American Musicology Prize She is co-founder of the Study Network about Sound and Listening of Mexico and coordinator for the Research Center for Studies on Sound and Listening at CIAH (Universidad Mayor). She is editor of Ciudades Vibrantes. Sonido y Experiencia aural urbana en América Latina.


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