Muñoz Tapia

Research associate

He has a degree in Sociology from Universidad de Chile, PhD. in Social Anthropology from Universidad Nacional San Martín and is also a musician. He is coordinator for the project Rap and Technologies, which examines the relationship between this style of music and the technological changes in Chile, especially those related to digitalization (Fondo de la Música Folio N° 632529).


He is currently working on postdoctoral degree at the Anthropology Department of Universidad Alberto Hurtado (ANID Project N° 3220141), where he is carrying out a study of urban music, subjectivity and artistic work. He participates in Núcleo Milenio Center for Music and Sound Cultures (CMUS), in the Network for Study of Latin-Americans in Hip-Hop (PEJ-CLACSO), Grupo de Acción en Público (Instituto Gino Germani) and Group for the Study of Musicology of Phonographic Production (Instituto Nacional de Musicología Carlos Vega). In addition, he recorded the documentary Buenos Aires Rap (2014), has published various academic articles and has performed as DJ in several hip-hop music groups in Chile and Argentina.




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