Last June (14, 15 and 16) the 2nd National Conference on Traditional and Folkloric Music was held on the campus of Universidad Mayor, with the participation of four different countries, and was attended by approximately 50 people daily, both in-person and online. CMUS executive director, Christian Spencer, was a member of the organizing committee.

Presentations given by CMUS members also included Laura Jordán, with the conference “Revecos del gorgoreo: the Cueca and the Arabic-Andalusian Imagination” (Thursday, the 15th) and Andrea Chamorro with “Progressive Folklore in the north of Chile. Urban Andean Dances at the borderline” (Friday, the 16th).

We extend our gratitude to all the panelists, lecturers, musicians and audience members. This event shows the quantity and diversity of research currently found in the areas of traditional and folkloric music in Chile and Latin America, as well as the audience’s growing interest in these topics.

See pictures from each day of the event.

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