CMUS, the Interdisciplinary Research Platform

that Analyzes Chile’s Local Musical and Sound Cultures


Santiago, May 25th, 2023 – Next Thursday, June 1st, at 7pm, at the Centro Gabriela Mistral – GAM, will be the official launch of the Núcleo Milenio Center for Musical and Sound Cultures – (CMUS), and the Anillo en Música y Patrimonio – (ANIMUPA). These two initiatives are financed by the Agencia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo de Chile – (ANID), and aim to renovate the research, networks and promotion of musical and sound cultures.


Both projects have an interdisciplinary focus and are comprised of renowned researchers and experts in musicology, culture and heritage. Their objective is to broaden knowledge and appreciation of music and sound diversity in Chile and worldwide.


The kick-off ceremony will feature the directors of CMUS and ANIMUPA, who will welcome all the attendees and share information about these initiatives. Then, the assistant secretary of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Carolina Gainza will say a few words highlighting the importance of this type of project for the country’s cultural and scientific development.


The event will offer a lecture by Julieta Brodsky, Chile’s previous Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, a renowned anthropologist, professor and researcher, specialist on cultural policies who has a long career in the discussion, coordination and promotion of improvement of cultural workers’ rights.


This kick-off will also include the showing of CMUS and ANIMUPA promotional videos, which will explain part of the focus that drives both projects, and introduces the members of each team, their mission, and their areas of research.


In addition, CMUS and ANIMUPA have planned this event to feature live music, with an exclusive concert by the Angela Acuña Quartet, musical group led by renowned cellist and composer by the same name.


Finally, at the end of the evening, there will be a cocktail hour where attendees can meet and speak with the leaders of these initiatives, thus strengthening the network of collaboration and knowledge in the area of music and sound cultures.


The invitation is open to everyone interested in music, cultural research and sound heritage. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this important event in the development of music cultures. We’ll see you in Hall C02 of Centro Gabriela Mistral – GAM on June 1st of this year at 7:00pm!

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